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...is head considered cheatin'?

False advertising - this entry is boring.

I'm trying something new.
I now reside on Tumblr.
Two places, to be exact.
The first one (my primary) is immature.
It's me keeping a blog about my bass covers career...
...so to speak.
The other one is strictly lyrics.
I want to garner some attention
And I like posting lyrics to Twitter
(most people don't pay attention to that)
So I figured that I could post on Tumblr and
with how people damn near LIVE on tags nowadays
people would run into my page and follow me.
Well...truth be told, it has been happening.
5 of my 9 followers are randoms
and I've gotten reblogged by 2-3 other randoms.

I love it!
If you're interested in either or
Or you're on Tumblr & want someone new to follow
Follow me!
The links are at the bottom of this entry
I'm not doing any over-blogging on my primary one
Hell, not much at all til I can get these covers done.
But the lyrics one...I'm tryna get on a regiment.
Tryna do 2-3 lyrics a day.
I've been utilizing the queue utility.
Which, on livejournal, is just posting in the future.

But y'all gotta be all specific though!
Need a day.
And it's on the 24-hour clock.
What about folks that didn't originally read military time?
On Tumblr, I just go "tomorrow, 8:32am".

Haha, I love you though.
Livejournal, you know we got a special thang.

Bass covers blog

Lyrics I Live By

Jacquise is S-M-R-T

jacquise  is at my house playing Portal 2. It's her second sitting so far. She's maybe....15-20% through the game so far? After playing/watching the first Portal game a little bit, she still can't quite "think with portals", as us Portal geeks call it. Portal technology IS staggering at first. And I truly mean this in a nonsarcasm way. Thinking with portals takes your mind outside of what it's used to.

I'll try to give a brief example.
Living room.
Remote control is over across room.
Orange juice is in kitchen.
Not initially visible from sofa.
Normally, you have to walk across the room
then walk BACK the other way for the OJ.
 Well, with portals, you can place one above you.
Place a 2nd portal under the remote control
Portal A would drop the remote through portal B above your head
And you catch it. 
Now for the OJ.

Instead of getting up and walking all the way to the counter
You can shave your walk time in half.
One portal in front of you
Another on a wall in the kitchen.
When you walk through A
You will come out from B
which is in the kitchen already.
You walk to grab your OJ
Go through the portal
And sit down.

Simple enough.
But this game bases all of its puzzle off of that concept.
And trust me...it's NOT easy.
I know what's going on.
I know the puzzles.
And it's just so awesome...
...watching her suffer.
She hates my silence.
She asks for help.
I go get a bowl of cereal.
She says she's lost.
I look online at random blogs.
She has not a clue what to do
I kick my feet up and start typing this very journal entry.

What fun!

She's starting to get better, but MAAAN...
The co-op campaign is its own full game.
What makes 2-player so special is that the levels CANNOT be completed solo.
Not at all.
So completing solo levels is hard.
But having to rely/wait on someone else to continue...
Damn near DEAFENING if someone doesn't understand the game.
So playing with ANYONE ELSE..good or not.
Playing with ANYONE ELSE is torture.
But like...good thinking torture.
*continues watching her*

She's doing so effing well.
But MAAAN, it's awesome to watch her struggle.
I feel like she's "Neo" in The Matrix
She's learning to use her brain, lol.

Huge Realization...

I always looked to my parents for inspiration on work ethic.
Now..one thing I always noticed about ANY adults is that
when they left work, they LEFT WORK.
I did not have parents or relatives that worked when they left work.
I appreciated it.
I loved it.
And that's how I view work.
Now, I eventually had one relative that grew INTO that kind of job
But still...this is how I feel.
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Minneapolis Is The Aesthetic


Live via dead kegger

I don't have much time to post!
I am coming to you live from the morning after an awesome kegger.
I never did one before
but DAMN are these things wild
These are the type of parties people get laid at in the bathroom
So just know that I won't be attending too many of these.

I will have an AWESOMELY long blogpost up detailing the trip
Including this kegger.
Evernote is gonna make doing the post THIS much easier
I'll just copy & paste.
I type it out in my phone how it's gonna be formatted in the entry
It won't look anything like what I usually type.
I'll actually have PARAGRAPHS.

I kinda stole a Macbook to post this entry
so I'm about to log out so that I won't have fucked up anything. 
I'll talk to you folks later!
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MInneapolising it up.

 We are playing a show in Minneapolis.
I forget the name of the venue.
But we got a nice drive ahead of us.
Sold out show.
We should get some nice exposure here.

I also play SXSW on March 19th.
[South by South West]
That is going to be effing AMAZING.
20 hour drive, from what the main man said.
Austin, Texas...WOW...
gonna be crazy. I've never been there
I wonder how they're gonna take to my Chicago/Florida accent?
Haha - prolly won't even notice
I shole know Florida know when I'm talkin' Chi-town.
Gonna enjoy it & document the whole experience!
I wish I had a working laptop
That way, I don't have to actually write it down. :-\

KAY! I gotta check a few more things.
I'm about to be out.


- www.iamtheaesthetic.com
- twitter.com/iamtheaesthetic
- facebook.com/iamtheaesthetic

We got other sites, but those are the main sites I know
We'll have new music up on the website soon!
We also have FREE music up there now

...I feel like I've said this same thing a few times already..


"There, I just said it. I'm scared you'll forget about me."

 I'm considering cutting my dreads off.
Not for the usual "I need a change", oh no.
But my locs have been going sour for awhile
I've been trying to coerce them a better way
I think I fucked up with how I dreaded them.
Now, down the middle of my head
There is like...a "balding spot", so to speak
One of my front dreads is prepped to fall off
It's holding on by threads...literally.
All the surrounding hair I've been trying to use to reinforce it won't reinforce
It'll hang around.
It'll hold.
But it won't actually dread into anything.
And it kinda pisses me off.

My dreads haven't been making me mad at all, oh no.
I look at curlybits ' dreads and they're SOO much closer to what I've wanted
thunderbiscuit has awesome dreads too.
And mine continue to thin.
There are so many other people on this community "Get Up Dread Up"
Currently, I can't remember other names though.

So...I'm considering starting over.
Doing it the right way this time.
Get them started by someone I trust.
I don't quite know how Megan's girlfriend does 'em
But currently I trust her more than any other stylist.
I want them started professionally.
No one I know can section my hair how I'd want them to grow in.
So...I'll start over.

I was thinking it was going to happen within the next year
I didn't believe it, but part of me said it would
I just didn't think I'd consider it so soon.
If I do get it cut
Davion wants to do it.
My ex-dance partner's husband.
I find myself preferring him anyway.

I'm going to do like Sonny.
I'm gonna wait until I'm led in spirit
I love how they rest on my shoulders
When I jump around
I love how they emphasize my excitement.
My locs are ME.
I know locs are a style that I need to have.
It helps my face stay proportionate to my body
I actually look decent with them (I believe)
GUDU and the world seem to believe otherwise
[I never fish for compliments; I just honestly don't see anything attractive about me]

Whatever, I got to go to school.
I'll tag this entry later.


"I gotta stop dwelling on the past 'cause it's killing my head."

Sooner or later, I'm gonna just say 'ti kcuf' and lay shit down.
I'm going to write a riff.
I'm going to lay it down.
I'm going to lay another part down.
I'm going to grab the guitar.
I'm going to lay down MY rock.
And then, after that's done
I'll look back on what I've done
Tell myself how stupid it sounds.
Never let anyone hear it.

But it'll be the most awesome piece of shit to me.
Because I finally rocked a song I approve of in private.


I plan to be on-stage with Inn Cinema one day.
I told them already & they're looking forward to me
And part of me believes that, within 2 years
When I do stage with them
I may be the one fronting the band.
I don't have to have perfect vocals.
I don't believe I do.
But I've heard much worse
But they had fun
And the music was STILL appreciated.

Because I'm at school, I can't look it up for you.
But search for "Standing Still Fast"
Artist: Planes Mistaken For Stars
I love that song with my everything.
But can you understand 5 consecutive words?

Well, I can.